Preferably, replacement tires should be selected with the same size, load index, and speed symbol designation as shown on the tire placard and/or withing the vehicle owners manual. Those specs take into consideration the overall vehicle performace and handling characteristics. Certain vehicle parameters, including ride comfort and handling may be affected by substitute tires. Failure to folow the vehicle manufacturers recommendations for tire replacement may adversely affect the handling of the vehicle and make it easier to lose control, leading to a serious or fatal accident. Tires may all be round and black but they are not all the same. Proper selection, maintenance, and education to the consumer are keys to satisfaction and safety.

Some tires bear a letter "speed rating" designation indicating the tires design speed capability. This speed rating system is intended to help the consumer compare the speed capabilities of tires. When replacing speed rated tires, make sure to follow the recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer. All the tires on the vehicle should have a speed rating equal to or greater than those recommended by the manufacturer. Different speed rating may vary in ride, handling, and/or other performance characteristics.

What is that sidewall telling you?

P205/65R15 92T

P= pass car tire

205= width of tire in millimeters

65= ratio of height to width

R= radial

15= diameter of wheel in inches

92T= load index and speed symbol

Remember. The old adage of, "a tire is a tire is a tire"--is not necessarily true.

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