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2017 GMC Terrain


GMC Terrain

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  • Test drove and confirmed complaint. Hooked up scan tool and checked for codes. Found a code for the exhaust cam shaft actuator performance. First checked oil and found none on the dipstick. Added 4 quarts of oil to fill the engine. Visually inspected the exhaust cam actuator and found no faults. Re installed cleared codes and test drove. Vehicle now runs properly and does not stutter. Brought back into shop and inspected for oil leaks. Found the rear main is bad allowing oil to constantly flow out.
  • Drained transmission fluid, removed battery tray and bracket. Removed shift cable, ball joints, axle shafts, catalytic converter. Supported engine and dropped the cradle, removed starter and then removed torque converter bolts. Removed all transmission bolts and mounts. Supported transmission with jack and then removed. Removed rear crank seal, inspected crank surface and found no issues. Installed new seal, assembled in reverse order. Filled transmission with fluid, changed oil and filter. Test drove vehicle and confirmed no leaks are present. Test drove and confirmed engine operates properly.
MELISSA L. gave our service a 5 star review on 1/5/2023
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